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Sustainable plastic packaging WITHOUT Bisphenol A

Can be used in microwave, dishwasher and freezer


Welcome to Bornholms

You probably already know our excellent cod roe in plastic packaging
- You know, the one with the blue plastic lids - our flagship.

We make many other delicious products, for example Cod Liver, Cod Liver Paté,
various fishpatées, mussels, Fishdumplings, Kippers, Crab meat, FishSnacks and last - But not least - we have our Disney series, made especially for children and the young at heart.

You can safely eat our canned fish with a clear conscience because it is healthy to eat fish (it's here you get the important omega-3 fatty acids) and because most of our products comes from fish caught, landed and processed in accordance with MSC standards.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is about to fish for sustainability principles,
so the fishing takes environmental considerations to the world today and the world in the future. We think that is important.

Take a tour around our website, learn more about our products and get inspiration from our many delicious recipes.


BORNHOLMS A/S | LYSKAER 8 | 2730 HERLEV | TLF.: +45 56 64 38 00